It’s kind of a love-hate relationship.  Love – that spandex stretchy waisted pants are perfectly acceptable for all necessary social appearances. Hate – that the only thing you can squeeze into anymore are spandex stretchy waisted pants.  Love – you have a perfectly legitimate reason to eat a second helping of your favorite creamy mac n’ cheese.  Hate – regretting that second helping after a sudden waive of “not-just-morning-sickness” hits.  Love – getting smiles and well wishes from perfect strangers at the grocery store.  Hate – having perfect strangers at the grocery store feel they have the right to touch your midriff, if you’ve never experienced this one, let me assure you it is quite disturbing.  Love – your skin is beautiful and glowing and your hair has never looked so shiny.  Hate – puffy feet, ’nuff said.  Yes, there are plenty of not so glamorous side effects that come with carrying that sweet lil’ one inside you….but any mother will tell you….


Celebrate it!

Have you seen that E-Card “I grow humans, what’s your superpower?”  Mommas, for real your body is unbelievable.  Pregnancy should make you feel empowered! I hope you feel that way, because it is TRUTH.

I loved photographing and celebrating this beautiful momma’s growing baby bump, imagining what her little guy will look like (no doubt handsome like daddy), documenting her superhero body, and rejoicing in the life God is knitting together inside her womb. I like to imagine one day their little guy will be asking to see the picture of when he was inside momma’s tummy…that he will get to see how safe he was there, how happy and beautiful mommy was, and how daddy’s face beamed with pride at the sight of his gorgeous wife carrying their greatest blessing.

Ashley & Kevin – thank you for giving me the joy of documenting your happiness.  I’m excited beyond words for the joys ahead of you…so I’ll instead leave you with the words of one particularly dear little bear…

A grand adventure is about to begin… – Winnie the Pooh