We began at the trailhead, Little Man being carried by daddy, as we walked up and down small hills on the muddy trail. He wanted down. He stood in the “woods” of his grandparent’s property, and gave me a look that said “I’m not scared of anything,” toddling down another muddy slope, over a widely slatted bridge by himself (Dad was at arms reach, but he didn’t notice), and soon plopping himself down on a big rock. He seems as comfortable outdoors as any child would in their own home. He’s an adventurer.

Owen 18mon - 1.jpg
Owen 18mon - 7.jpg

He likes to reserve his smiles for really special people, really special moments, he doesn’t give them away to just anyone…but when he does, well, your heart just melts!

Owen 18mon - 12.jpg
Owen 18mon - 8.jpg

His Daddy is an experienced mechaninc, so he’s no stranger to big machines. His little fingers whipped that steering wheel around, and he not only smiled for me, he giggled! We “vroomed” around a while, until it was time to go.¬†Owen 18mon - 16.jpg

Owen 18mon - 22.jpg
Owen 18mon - 17.jpg
Owen 18mon - 24.jpg

This little nephew of mine is one special little boy, and his Aunt JoJo sure loves him so!


Cheerio for now,



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