Maybe it’s the quietness of the morning, or maybe just the fact that my body hasn’t yet felt the full impact of my blissfully busy days as a momma of two little warriors…but whatever the reason, mornings are becoming my favorite time of day.  And I was starting this day doing one of my favorite things in the world…the air was crisp and cool and the sun was beaming golden light through the trees as I hiked through pathways and fields scouting magical locations for this beautiful family’s photo session at Veterans Park in Lexington, KY.

They arrived with bright happy faces and bundled up in the most adorable jackets and boots, ready for an early morning photo shoot which proved to include irresistible little sister hugs, lots of energy and curiosity, exercise (see jumping photos below!) and most of all a beautiful glimpse into this sweet family’s love of togetherness.

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Powers family – thank you for inviting me along for a fun morning playtime!  It was truly a joy!  And to everyone else reading along – may these photos remind you of how special your own family is, and inspire you to go play with your babies…they grow up so fast!  (yes, nieces, nephews, and fur babies count too! 🙂 )

Now I’m off to cuddle my own little monkeys…

Until next time,